The Sisters Behind LPH

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Our story begins in March 2020. Daniella just recently got engaged, and wanted to get matching tie-dye sweaters for her bridesmaids. After (unsuccessfully) searching far and wide for the perfect sweater, Daniella and her sister Emily took it upon themselves to create the perfect Tie Dye bridesmaid sweater.

Fast forward a couple of weeks later, both sisters were laid off from their dental hygienist jobs due to COVID-19. Stuck at home with newly found time on their hands – Daniella and Emily started making soft, cozy tie-dye sweaters for friends and family… and lots of it!

Continuing their journey through the Loungewear world, in November 2020 they launched their very first solid-color sweatsuits. The goal is comfort & style, and they are so excited for the future of Lil peace of heaven. Stay tuned for continuous launches of the ultimate sweatsuits, designed with you in mind. 

Daniella & Emily